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Ride a massive open world of the Alps and Alaska, where the powder is always fresh and the run never ends.  Defy and master the world’s most epic mountains on skis, wingsuit, snowboard, and in paraglide.  Go solo or drop in side by side with...

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Steep is a winter sports game where we´ll can explore vast and beautiful places set in snow and lush mountains.

Steep is available on Torrent, Uploaded or Uptobox. Release like CPY, Reloaded, 3DM or Skidrow may be found. We advise you to use our list of trusted providers.

We´ll can make all kinds sports focusing on the mountains, either on snowboards, wingsuits, and even paragliding sports.

Although the game has a single player mode, the really exciting about this title it is that we´ll can explore the mountains with friends in adrenaline-packed rides.

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Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 (64bit versions)
Nov 18, 2016
25 GB

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This game is good by being realistic and all but this game could do with some ssx type tricks. Graphics are good and the g force meter is awesome it brings a lot of realism in the game.

The character customisation is an amazing feature it brings a lot to this game.


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Steep captures the essence of what makes Snowboarding among the other sports so bliss.

The Mountains are Massive! A Seemingly endless wonderland.

Im a Snowboard Instructor at my local playground in RL. Steep brings the feel of snowboarding to my PC perfectly. The mountains are majestic the snow is magnificent. The selection of gear, the great costumes and helmets, among many other customization options. Steep comes to life in so many ways. I dont know much about anything other than snowboarding but I love doing it all in game.

The Tricks in Steep are WAY better than Iv read about from other people, so much more realistic than other games like it. I couldnt do half the tricks you can do in Steep in RL. If you wanna know what kinda stuff you can do in game, check out the Snowboard Tricks Wiki online.

Steep has a lack of board brands but Im sure we could see more in the future. Right now they have Jones, Salomon, Nidecker, K2, and "Steep" snowboards. Id like to see them add Never Summer, Arbor, and Lib Tech just to name a few. I love snowboarding, as my job and for fun, Steep really brings me to the mountains at the comfort of my PC.


Played both betas when the game came out, and have to say I've been hooked from day 1. There were a few technical flaws, and the game control scheme can take some getting used to, but the released game is a masterpiece. It's the type of game that can be frustrating at first, but with practice is extremely fun and rewarding. The game offers 4 different sports (Skiing, Snowboarding, Paragliding, and Wing-suiting) which give the player different ways of exploring and tricking down the mountain. I don't have a problem with the fact that it's an online only game, but can see how it would be a problem for others who are not always connected to the internet. Those looking for the next SSX, arcade-style game will be disappointed. This game strives for a more realistic and scenic take on extreme snow games, where each run has to be approached strategically.


I'm not a fan of Snowboarding/Skiing, or extreme sports in general, but not having access to the funds or time investment required of these sports I've always wanted to give it a go. I really doubted I'd have any interested in the wingman/paragliding, but even they've blown me away.

This game is truly amazing even from the complete beginners perspective. I can have just as much fun just riding down a Steep mountain or casually paragliding and exploring as I can tackling the challenges to learn how to ride better.

Technically there's a lot to like also. It's the first game I've played that uses the "hold button down" control scheme well. Long gone are the rote actions of start, up, up, X (or whatever combinations common of these kind of sport games) to retry a run, you simply hold one button for about half a second and you're straight back to the top ready for another go. Same goes for switching to the overview map for changing location, it just works really well, very fluid.

The character customisation is incredible. I was half expecting it to be real money unlocks as a questionable monetisation method, but it's incredibly fair. Nothing I've unlocked has been very hard to do, all the gear and funds comes thick and fast just from playing the game and completing various challenges or exploring.

Finally is the ambience, it's an incredibly beautiful game, but besides that it's the little details that really make it stand out. Fall off a slope instead of purposefully jumping and your character starts shouting with true dread in their voice for the outcome. The backing music is also incredibly good, not always being a random collection, some are specifically themed for the challenge being attempted (Flight of the Valkyries being the most memorable without doubt.) And at any time (besides challenges) you can adjust the visual ambience through both time of day/year and specific sun position.

It runs fine on my dating i5-2500 and gtx750 graphics card which is a feat in itself given the incredible fidelity.

All in all it's an absolutely great game I'm more than happy to invest further in, I think developer support will be crucial for it's long-term viability as an all time great, but it's well on it's way for me.

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