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One of the best beat'em ups of the NES era is back! Many years after vanquishing Slick on the school rooftop, Alex and Ryan must take to the streets again. Help a new crop of fighters defeat the hordes of River City, and clear their name in a sinister...

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Now comes the computer version of this amazing and fun action game in which we walked the streets fighting against all kinds of thugs.

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The story focuses again on Alex and Ryan, and how they should return to the streets to help clean the scum of River City.

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Windows XP SP3
Feb 27, 2017
120 MB

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Let's get to the good stuff quickly... The controls are tight and responsive, the combo system is intuitive and enjoyable. The graphic style is on point, and the animations are genuinely excellent. The soundtrack is strong, and there is a fair amount of variety in the game (a large roster of interesting, fun playable characters, is the highlight of this). There are many interesting places to go, and unique characters to fight. Lastly, the script works well, even if it is very simple; more specifically, the humor generally hits. This is a game that does an excellent job of following-up on the original.

I wanted to give this game a perfect 10. I really did. On the whole, this is an excellent beat 'em up, maybe one of the best ever made, but it is, unfortunately, an unfinished excellent beat 'em up. If I am being honest, the experience is rough enough at times that it maybe should have gotten a score a little lower than the 9 I gave it. It sorta represents all the fiddling and troubleshooting that keeps me away from PC games. However, the developers are quickly addressing the issues and feel confident that it will be worth a higher score than that 9 in a month or so (so I am splitting the difference).

A few more quibbles... the tutorial text is awfully implemented, you will likely accidentally skip it every time. Also, the explanation of some of the moves you purchase are unnecessarily vague.

I don't want to leave this review on a down note, so I wanted to mention, once again, that the meat of the experience is pretty close to perfect. A great purchase if you love the genre.


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A beyond solid beat-em-up experience with an attention to detail and humor fitting of this legendary series, and this is coming from a superfan of the series (I wrote multiple rom hacks for the original NES game)


Here are some initial impressions based on the first few hours of gameplay. Will update later.


- The basic premise is solid. If you like the idea of an action RPG beat-'em-up that updates the original RCR formula while keeping the charm and personality, this is it in spades.

- There is massive new variety of characters, moves, enemies, and locations. I can tell I've only scratched the surface in the several hours I've been playing.

- Leveling up characters, unlocking new moves, and exploring different areas are all fun and rewarding.

- The combat system is interesting. They definitely try to discourage you from just spamming basic attacks, and instead promote a more varied, stick-and-move style of play. It seems like it will be pretty deep overall and very different from character to character.

- The fact that you can look at the map and see what the last quest dialogue was is very helpful. In the original game if you missed it you were pretty much screwed.

- Local multiplayer works great; haven't tried other multiplayer modes yet but definitely looking forward to it.


- I've run into several obnoxious bugs (unkillable enemies, times when camera doesn't track the characters, etc). I know Conatus is a small team and worked hard to get this out, but it's still pretty annoying. I suspect this'll get cleaned up over time though.

- The way saving your game works is just bad. Should just autosave every time you enter a new area, die, or make a purchase.

- The starting movesets are disappointingly tiny and weak, and makes the non-striking-focused characters very tough to use early on (I found Rudy almost unplayable since his strikes are so bad and his one grappling move is useless for crowd control). I get that they want you to expand your moves by buying upgrades, but it would've been nice to at least give each character a single flashy signature move right from the start.

- It's pretty obnoxious that they kept the old standard of not letting you see what items/moves do before you buy them (this was a bug, not a feature). In practice it means everyone is just going to look at online buying guides figured out by trial-and-error, but it would've been very easy to just have the game show you what's what.

- Despite the tutorial, early on it still felt like they just throw you into the game and leave you to figure most things out for yourself. Stuff like how willpower works, or how the wanted stars work, is pretty much left to the player to figure out.

All in all it's pretty good and I expect it will get better, but there were a few bumps in the experience that I can't completely ignore.

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