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February 27, 2017
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One of the best beat'em ups of the NES era is back! Many years after vanquishing Slick on the school rooftop, Alex and Ryan must take to the streets again. Help a new crop of fighters defeat the hordes of River City, and clear their name in a sinister kidnapping plot. You'll earn money, unlock moves, and upgrade your skills in a sprawling city on the brink of total chaos.

This modern take on an old classic features over 500 unique street fighting moves, dozens of weapons, secrets galore, and a bonus arena fighting mode.

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Users + Critics
Users Score
10/10Mar 25, 2017
10/10Mar 23, 2017
10/10Apr 12, 2017
9/10Feb 28, 2017
9/10Mar 4, 2017
1/10Mar 27, 2017

Reviews & Ratings

Review by Destructoid
Feb 27, 2017

River City Ransom: Underground was worth the wait, and hopefully we don't have to wait nearly three decades for the next one. The look, feel, and humor of the original is here with a new in-depth fighting system that feels fresh yet familiar while being deeper than basically every other game in the genre. I can't say for sure that Underground is the best beat 'em up of all time, but it deserves its place at the table with RCR, Golden Axe, Final Fight, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

Review by Vandal
Mar 4, 2017

A really good entry for the beat 'em up franchise, and a great choice for both newcomers and old fans.

Review by The Overpowered Noobs
Mar 23, 2017

River City Ransom: Underground is fantastic in how it truly captures the feel of retro games, and it’s clear from the experience that Conatus Creative provides the desire and requisite talent. On top of the original beat-em-up feel, additional features round out the title quite nicely, such as RPG leveling aspects and a fighting engine that packs a punch. The art style, sound, and humor capture the look, feel, and nostalgia of the franchise. Though River City may not have enough to warrant many hours on the game, it’s worth a playthrough, and all but guarantees enjoyment to newcomers and fond memories to franchise veterans.


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