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The survival horror genre creepily crawls back into the franchise which coined the term. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (PC) is Capcom's return to the roots while giving a different perspective and showing a different slice of the Resident Evil world. Ethan...

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Resident Evil Biohazard 7 will be the last and most spectacular delivery of one of the most famous zombie kills of all time, and it will be traced back to its roots and with which we will experience fear in all its glory.

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WINDOWS 7,8,8.1,10 (64-BIT Required)
Jan 23, 2017


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Amei esse jogo ele entrou na minha lista de meus jogos favoritos, belos graficos até msm se for jogado no baixo os graficos são bons,otíma jogabilidade, e otimos vilões, eu me senti muito envolvido na historia e na gameplay.


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Resident Evil 7 is an instant CLASSIC. A true Resident Evil game that strikes an incredible balance between what the series has been always known for and its imperative job to evolve, be new and fresh.

Since the reveal of RE7, countless misperceptions have stumbled upon its way, from being an Outlast clone, to PT’s biggest fan. Capcom maintained a strict marketing approach for RE7 making sure that nobody can expect and predict much of the game which eventually has favored RE7 in every aspect. You’re going to be so surprised of how much they’ve hidden and you will realize how hilarious Outlast/PT comparisons actually sound like.

RE’s soul seeps through the walls of RE7; it stays true to its roots -- delicately re-introducing and invigorating the franchise which defined survival horror games for years to come. What RE7 does best is that it comes up with this amazing, refining and unique formula of visualizing and catching the classical vibes of the old RE/survival horror games and mixing them all up perfectly with new refreshing stuff that will open up new horizons for the series.

At its core, it’s a game that was built with effort, quality and passion. Everything about RE7 in terms of story, characters, enemies, atmosphere, environments, graphics, sound design, gameplay elements… etc. It all connects, mashes-up and intertwines incredibly and meaningfully well together in a way that just made me feel like this is one of the smartest, most beautifully done survival horror games I’ve played this generation.

RE7 offers a fantastic and immersive experience that will make you hold on to your controller from beginning to end through a suspenseful new story, interesting characters, intense atmosphere, stunning details, insane sound design, great combat/gunplay, engaging item management, puzzles, exploration, backtracking and replayability.


+ Excellent storytelling and strong narrative

+ Playable flashbacks allowing for gameplay variety

+ Beautifully done and a well-balanced RE/survival horror game

+ Sheer amount of visual fidelity and gorgeous presentation

+ Insane sound design with wonderful soundtracks

+ Engaging combat, gunplay, item management, puzzles, exploration and backtracking

+ Emergent game design: certain scenarios vary depending on how you play

+ Good replay value


- Extra modes are included in upcoming DLCs


Otimo jogo , muito bem otimizado , não vá na onda dos haters , pois so jogo ta muito bom , historia , jogabilidade , a volta do terror com tudo nessa nova geração , finalmente um resident que presta .


Resident Evil has been long overdo for a reboot and the seventh game in the series, despite it's occasional flaws, is one of the best Horror games to come along in awhile. Drawing heavily from films like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Evil Dead, Saw, and even Hitchcock films like Psycho, REVII feels familiar but as opposed to lazily stealing scenarios from those films, the game combines the best elements of all of them to make something entirely new and unique. The game's one flaw is the one that everyone has been talking about: the lack of enemy variety. That being said, the main antagonists; The Bakers are terrifying and make for some of the most horrifying enemies I've ever seen in a game. Major props to Capcom for taking a big risk, but it absolutely payed off, and I greatly look forward to the RE series continuing in this style!

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