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Konami's chief sports game is back for another year. Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 brings with it a number of welcome improvements to the state introduced in the already great Pro Evolution Soccer 2016.
From improved passes to reworked goalkeepers, the fans...

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Sep 13, 2016

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Des évolutions a saluer par rapport a la version 2016. Les graphismes ne sont pas au rendez-vous cette année pour la version PC mais je suis sûr que Konami se rattrapera l'année prochaine. Toujours mieux que Fifa niveau sensation de jeux!


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In all honesty, a massive improvement from last year, much better goalkeepers, much better defensive AI, the referees are on point now, the pace of the game is closer than ever to real life. With graphics that at first glance might not seem to have changed a whole lot but when you actually compare PES 2016 to PES 2017, side by side, the player faces this year make last year's models look like dolls.

PES has evolved beyond FIFA, edit in all the kits and emblems and you get a more realistic experience no doubt.


great game with great gameplay and thats what matter the most, not some graphics expecially when they are good anyway, but not as good as ps4, im not gonna give the game avery bad review just because of that. then i would give minecraft and many other games here zero. but i understand the frustration and this is something konami should fix as soon as they can with some graphics updates. havent played the game that much right now but saw some new stuff while i played a game, great runs from teammatess and so on, and did score great goals on volley and one from corner. overall a great game that should look like its ps4 counterpart.


sin licencias version de ps3 y con mucho lag gestion pesima de konami en online contantes errores en las actualizaciones he tenido que reinstalar 3 veces el juego si al menos lo compras en fisico podras disfrutar de un posavasos del fc barcelona otra oportunidad perdida de konami por no hacer bien las cosas fifa 17 es un juego muy cuestionado por sus errores y de mas pero konami no hace los deveres y se queda como siempre a la sombra juego muy pesimo y de la pasada generacion my club no posee mercado de fichajes y todos sus torneos son practicamente repetidos

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