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WHAT IS Overwatch? Overwatch is a highly stylized team-based shooter set on a near-future earth. Every match is an intense multiplayer showdown pitting a diverse cast of heroes, mercenaries, scientists, adventurers, and oddities against each other in an epic,...

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This product is a digital cd key for Overwatch, so you must have an account on Blizzard to activate it.

Overwatch is available on Torrent, Uploaded or Uptobox. Release like CPY, Reloaded, 3DM or Skidrow may be found. We advise you to use our list of trusted providers.

Overwatch is the next Blizzard big thing, and this time they present a multiplayer shooter per team, fun and totally addictive.

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Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64-bit)
May 23, 2016
30 GB

30 GB 00:50:00

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Overall Rating


Let me start by stating that my real rating for this game is an 8, due to the slightly unrewarding progression system. But I am giving it a 10 anyway because:

- Gameplay is awesome, neither hardcore or casual players get frustrated since team composition is required and encouraged naturally

- Sound design is intelligent!

- This game's marketing campaign and media released content has to be praised, it was massive! Hype was real for thousands of people (and we all know that hype sells even bad games). This may be the reason for low user scores though, because hype is often the cause of unrealistic or impatient expectations.

- Many reviewers are too extreme and gave this game low scores... if this game was a 0, then those really bad games or those that are corporate scams (pay to win, DLC story mode, gameplay affecting microtransactions, unbalanced fights, etc) need a new measuring scale.

- The price was adapted here, making me able to buy it. In my case, I live in a country where games are really expensive and take a large portion of the average salary... this game was kind of expensive, but I payed only $8 more than what I payed for Rocket League (RL is actually $20).

- I've already spent 22 hours playing Overwatch, which is more than what it took me to finish Far Cry 3 (a full priced game, with non farovable currency adaptation here, it costed around 1/10 of my wage). And I consider myself a casual player (have to work on weekdays and also take care of my home first)

- Developers are not ignoring what the community says, I've only seen this coming from indie developers in the past.

Cons: You have already read most important ones from the rest of the reviews and from angry gamers;

- Progression system could be better (we are waiting for Ranked Mode)

- Price is high, I know I praised the conversion here, but globally it is (not a single close friend or coworker bought it, only friends from other countries did). Bad reviews are not deserved and do not help into this matter.

- Game needs more skins variety, as well as some fun clothing accesories (Hats!)

That's all... An 8/10 with chances to become a 10/10.

A childish and unmature 10/10 here on Metacritic because ridiculously low scores are also childish and unfair.


4 Critics
Users Score

The reviews seem to be mixed for users.

My thoughts are....


+ Fast, addicting. Games can last 5-10 minutes and only take a few seconds to hop in one. At the end of each game you are always begging for more.

+ If you ever played an arcade shooter like Quake, Dirty Bomb, Enemy Territory, and you enjoyed them, well then this game is for you. It fits in perfectly with those in terms of arcade fast pace fps.

- Although there "can" be a high skill cap just like any game there is a limit. Spells are simple. Characters like Lucio have a heal and a speed buff. Outside of timing when to use it, there isn't much challenge and reward into playing the character. You don't get rewarded for swapping between the speed and heal, or anything of that sort. This follows with all the characters.


+ There's currently 21 and given how short games are, I was abled and pleased to play them all. Some of them feel like clones off others games, (Reinhart = Mordakaiser) and others are copies straight from their own franchise (Torbul = Valve TF but uses a Dwarf race as an engineer)

+ All of the characters seem to have a fun addicting style of game play that keeps the game interesting.


+ There's roughly 13 (??) I've enjoyed most of them and seem to have the best action in smaller more enclosed areas then the larger opposite.

- A lot of maps have HEAVY choke points that when on attack side can feel like a real pain trying to push through 2 bastions and a torbul turret.

- Some maps seem to have dead ends (The Chinese one for example). Also my friends and I occasionally get lost after a spawn has been moved and the walk is a good 20 seconds from the battle.


- The current pro scene seems to be playing lot of Reinhart + Mercy setups. I don't mine Mercy has a main healer but it appear that if you aren't using Reinhart has your #1 tank, you aren't playing correctly. I hope Blizzard nerfs him or finds away to introduce tanks better.


+ It's top notched. The game runs smooth like butter. It feels like one of the most polished games I have played. Joining lobbies, games, navigating the menu system, is all fluent and quick. It's a masterpiece by Blizzard.


Best way to describe my Overwatch experience ...... It's FUN. If you want to enjoy playing a game, pick it up. It's missing a hardcore competitive edge to it so it'll never bypass games like Counter-Strike but that's not it was designed.


Easily one of the best multiplayer first person shooters. Vastly better than Team Fortress 2, which i used to play in the past.

The graphics , sounds, and general production values are incredible. The game is very polished, and runs incredibly well even on very low powered hardware.

Movement is fluid and fast, and the shooting is satsfying.

Heroes are really distinct and have their own personality and gameplay. No hero plays the same like another. Also, since i have seen this online lately, disregard anyone who complains about hero balance and about cheesy tactics that are somehow "unbeatable". This is clearly a "learn to play" issue. I played the Beta a lot, and let me tell you, that balance is in a very good place, though could be improved even more. Everything has its counters.

While this game has only 12 maps right now, and it is repetitive, it manages to stay fun and interesting for a surprisingly long time. The main reason for this is that the game has immense depth under the casual-friendly appearence, it is one of those easy to learn but very hard to master games. There is always something new to try and learn. And the competitive aspect of the game will keep you coming for more.

The main downside of this game, is that if you have no friends to play with, you won't get nearly the same satisfaction with those who do have their own party. This game is heavily based around teamwork and tactics. You can still find success solo, of course, but will be more difficult.

Other than that, the game deserves its price. Totally recommended.


The game has lots of promise, it already has an abundance of very well balanced characters (with each having a unique playing style might I add), a decent amount of maps and modes (which are plenty of fun to play with friends), a soon to come competitive mode, and other cool little details that make the game just great. The game is fast paced and very fun. There isn't one moment in a match where I feel like I am doing nothing. All that I ask of the game now is that they have skins for the weapons apart from the skins themselves, so that everyone has different combinations of body skins as well as weapon skins. The game has very good graphics and an awesome art style to complement it.

My Verdict: Well worth the $40 USD as it is much more fun than many fps games that are more pricey than this game

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