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Out of Ammo is an intense virtual reality strategy game for the HTC Vive that puts you in the commander's seat against wave after wave of soldiers. Built exclusively for the HTC Vive to make use of motion tracking, the game allows you to move around the...

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Out of Ammo is a frenetic strategy game, created to be enjoyed with virtual reality glasses HTC Vive, offering the experience of living in intense first person combat.

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Players can move around the battlefield to build all kinds of zone defenses to prevent the waves of enemy soldiers.

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Windows 8
TBA - Early Access
3 GB

3 GB 00:05:00

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The newest early access scam by Dean "deanhallcreatorofdayz" Hall.

Apparently he discovered the unity asset store and decided it's time to earn some bread with his new studio.

I honestly hope he spent his last dime on this and the steamcharts peaks stay in the low 10s.


or if minecraft with guns is your thing, just play minecraft OR if minecraft is not your thing, play ace of spades.


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