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March 21, 2017
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Mass Effect Andromeda Details

After five years, the Mass Effect series returns in glory. Mass Effect Andromeda is a fresh start, set in another time, another place, and featuring a host of updates to the familiar format. Become humanity's Pathfinder to a new galaxy, discover new species, and make uncomfortable alliances.

The Andromeda galaxy is waiting for you. A whole new world Say a long sweet goodbye to the Milky Way. You have been chosen to participate in an expedition to the Andromeda galaxy to look for new habitats, alliances, and technology.

The journey will take you 600 years of travel in cryosleep, and there is no going back. But why would you want to, when you can be the first being from our Galaxy to set foot on truly alien planets? Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay Exploring alien locales requires skills and equipment worthy of an explorer. This is why Mass Effect Andromeda gives you a jetpack: to make your traversal faster, your combat more mobile, and your dynamic entries more stylish.

And if you need some long distance travel why settle for four wheels, when you can have six. Nomad is a faster, better and slicker younger brother of the famous Mako from Mass Effect 1. Free-form progression In the old days, there were six classes.

But that is old history now. The Pathfinder has access to seven profiles and three skill categories, neither limiting progressing in others. Shape the protagonist Sara or Scott Ryder the way you want to play them.

And don't worry about bad choices, redistributing your skillpoints and changing profiles will be always available. New enemy After the Rachni, the Collectors, and the Husks, Mass Effect Andromeda brings a new mysterious enemy, called the Kett. These bipedal beings have an unknown agenda pushing them into becoming antagonistic to the explorer's goals.

Their dark, organic-looking armor gives them a disturbing appearance, not unlike the Protheans. Will the Pathfinder uncover their goals and prevail in the face of adversity? Rewarding exploration Mass Effect Andromeda provides an open world worth exploring. Travel across alien planets on foot or in your trusty Nomad and find valuable resources to mine.

Use your discoveries in a crafting system allowing you to create better versions of your weapons and armor. Just because you're new in town doesn't mean anyone will put up with your outdated gear!.

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Reviews & Critics

Apr 19, 2017

There have only been a handful of games over the last 20 years that have given me a feeling of dread when I know they are nearing the finale'. I can now add Mass Effect Andromeda to that very short list. There is a lot to love about this game. First and foremost you *must* not begin playing this game expecting a sequel to the ME franchise. It is a separate game with a very different story. Getting that expectation out of your head will go a long way toward you being able to enjoy this game on it's own merits. The story, mystery, exploration and yes, even some of the NPC relationships (actually most of them were great to me... as long as you talk to them!!!) kept me playing for almost 100 hours until the end. There are also a bunch of things to hate about this game. The facial expressions are painful to watch. Horrific! Not being able to hop on the Tempest to get some work done without taking off from the planet (very frustrating and time consuming), the clunky travel in the Helius Cluster (absolutely beautiful, but slow and repetitive) to name a few. But none of the things that I didn't like were worth putting the game away and none of them made me regret paying full price for this game. I loved it. It seems most that don't care for it are judging it by comparison to the other 3 ME games, or are letting some of the things I mentioned above hinder them from actually letting down their guard and immersing themselves in a great game! I haven't ever found a perfect game yet. It is impossible to create a game that is going to please every single person. Mass Effect Andromeda is no exception BUT I am absolutely salivating over any future DLC! There are at least a dozen areas where "cliffhangers" were left if you paid attention and read the terminals and emails. In summary I say to the naysayers: Give ME:A a chance.

Apr 10, 2017

BioWare has often shown more willingness than most triple-A developers to respond to community criticisms and they’re already pushing patches to rectify Andromeda’s many issues, so I’m not pronouncing the Mass Effect series dead just yet. But speaking as someone who owns multiple pieces of N7 apparel and has read the Mass Effect books – the freaking books – I hate Andromeda. Maybe this is karmic balance for all of the recent big-name releases that have actually lived up to my expectations, but it’s been a long time since a game left me feeling as deflated as this one.

Apr 10, 2017

As a kind of Star Trek-esque adventure, Andromeda is fine. Combat feels better than it has in previous games in the series, with the transition between exploration and fighting being seamless and tight. There is a rudimentary stealth mechanic (isn't there always?) which once again resembles KOTOR as much as it does anything else, and bouncing around with the jump pack blasting aliens is a pretty good laugh. Levels are quite pretty, and somehow manage to be imaginative without being desperately original.

Apr 5, 2017

This is best Mass Effect Game yet and what I love about it most is that they don't really have to make another Andromeda game again, they can just keep adding expansions to this game. There are quite a few bugs in the game but nothing that completely impairs playability. I would like to see the ability to colonize more world's and develop a real civilization in this Galaxy.

I would like for them to maximize the amount of pods that can be released, having people still stuck in pods at 100% viability doesn't make any sense. I would also like to be able to maximize the levels to unlock in Multiplayer; which is not PVP. But the PvE Multiplayer is challenging enough to complete with a group of players.

I did not buy this game for the Multiplayer side of the game. The Storyline is awesome and I really hope they build expansions to this game while potentially running a storyline in the Milkyway Galaxy that could at some point connect the two Universes together... maybe with the discovery of a really insane fast Wormhole that can turn a 600 year trip into a substantially fast jump from Andromeda to the Milkyway.

Either way this game is a 10 even with the flaws and setbacks....

Apr 3, 2017

BioWare is known for its storytelling but Andromeda fails on this element. It is not original, nor logical nor deep. Thankfully the tuned fighting system is brilliant, as is traveling to the beautiful planets.

Mar 30, 2017

Mass Effect Andromeda isn't as bad as people are saying. Personally I'd this is the third best game, the worst being the first game. I personally think the gameplay is great and there are some genuinely funny moments and well written pieces. It's however let down by god awful facial animations, unskippable cutscenes every time you navigate the galaxy map, hellish UI, a slow as hell first half of the game and whilst most of the writing is fine, there are some awful lines in this game. This game is stuffed full of content however, 53 hours in and I've still not finished however 53 hours in and I've only just gotten the Villains motives which is far too late into the game.

In all honesty, if Mass Effect games are going to be like this from now on then I'd be happy if this is the last one. Whilst it's a nice reminder of what the previous games had to offer and whilst there are some good bits to this game, it's not something I'd want to play again. If Bioware are to learn anything from this, it is that they can't rush out these games. Again personally I feel it's not as bad as people are saying, there is some good in this game but it is a very flawed game.

Mar 24, 2017

While Andromeda is lacking some of the overall urgency of previous Mass Effect games, it makes up for that somewhat with the increase in scope and detail to the world. It’s certainly lacking polish, and several areas of the game feel like steps backwards for the series, but there is stuff to love.

Mar 21, 2017

I can't say enough good things about this game. The gameplay itself is very much what I've come to expect from other Mass Effect games. Graphics are good, animation is tolerable (but maybe they'll fix that), combat is fun, dialog is compelling, and story is amazing.

I say the story is amazing because I really feel like it captures the loneliness, fear, anxiety, uncertainty, and wonder of being thrown into another galaxy where we know very little about it. The story feels similar to Stargate Universe (which was actually my favorite Stargate series). Plus the events that unfold when you arrive add a sense of mystery to the overarching story.

I also like that the characters that become a part of your crew are mostly regular people with pretty normal backstories, and that doesn't mean they don't have character depth or development. On the contrary they have a large depth to them if you continue talking to them and you find out more about their personalities. It's refreshing that these characters don't have some kind of "special" backstory that make them exceptional people because that happens in nearly every game (including previous Mass Effect games) and it gets old. Having normal people with good personalities around you is refreshing and it adds to the realism of the story of these people starting a new life in a new place far away from our System.

There are some tech issues in the game, but no show stoppers. Overall I'm very happy, and I'll leave you with this: I was playing several games when this came out: Ghost Recon Wildlands, and NieR: Automata and now Mass Effect Andromeda has pulled me in enough to drop the both of them and finish it first before returning to them. I consider that a win!

Mar 20, 2017

Mass Effect: Andromeda is a great project by BioWare, and it is a stunning experience. Amazing narrative and plot, a true feeling of exploration and a very dynamic combat system. Even though its animations may not be the best, this game offers hours and hours of action and entertainment.

Mar 20, 2017

If you look at it as a reboot, a starting point for the series, there’s lots of promise in that future. The first Mass Effect had countless problems, far more than here, but that will always be remembered as a classic, despite leaving similar threads hanging. Ultimately, this is a story about laying the foundations of a civilization, and it feels like BioWare were doing the same for the future of the franchise. In that way, these RPG developers have become Pathfinders themselves.

Mar 20, 2017

The first Mass Effect trilogy is probably not a masterpiece, but, like basically everybody else, we become very fond of it, and we loved the unique experience it offered. The main problem with Mass Effect Andromeda is that the main flaws of the first trilogy are still here, and that's not merely the animations and the graphic quirks. Despite an open world that is sometimes visually majestic, the game lacks the boldness you need in order to go where no man has gone before.

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