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February 9, 2017
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John Wick is back! John Wick Chronicles lets you play as the legendary assassin John Wick, allowing you to pick up his iconic weapons and head into the world of hired guns - all in virtual reality. In John Wick Chronicles you’ll dive into a whole new way to experience the action, as you’ll be a part of it - and not just someone who holds the controller. Enter the Continental Hotel, and pick up your first mission….



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Review by GamingTrend
Feb 21, 2017

John Wick Chronicles feels like the start of something great that didn’t quite button up all of the intended elements before it launched. More maps would do wonders to expand the gameplay, as would inclusion of some of the cooler elements like weapon jams and hostage situations. Highlights like the sniper rifle make it worth a nod, but I’d recommend catching this on a sale due to the short runtime of just three levels. It’s a solid wave-based shooter, but expect more arcade action than gritty hard-boiled realism.

Review by UploadVR
Apr 23, 2017

John Wick Chronicles feels like it’s exactly what the teams at Starbreeze and Lionsgate intended to create. You feel like a badass while playing it, the overtones of the universe are there, and the action is fun enough to keep you pushing through to the end. In terms of gameplay mechanics, it was fun. But just as you get into it and feel the intensity reaching a point of true adrenaline, it’s all over. There is little reason to come back and the floor is left littered with dead bodies and under-utilized potential. As a result, just like Keanu Reeves himself, it lacks depth.

Review by Road to VR
Jul 29, 2017

John Wick Chronicles proves itself to be a fun and extremely svelte-looking entry into the wave shooter genre. If not for its extremely short story mode and a few ham-handed, immersion breaking moments, this would be the sort of AAA title that VR has been waiting for, but in the end is just another short but sweet VR demo.

Review by Hardcore Gamer
Feb 15, 2017

Most of this review was spent pointing out where John Wick Chronicles fails fans of the movie, and that is a major issue. While it doesn’t always work out, even the worst licensed game still has hopes of trying to capture the feel of the franchise it’s using. Outside of the Continental, this game doesn’t. One cannot help but think that there were some grand designs for what the game was going to be before the deadline in the form of the sequel’s release reared its head. Anyone who can put that aside and wants a decent gallery shooter can have a good time with John Wick Chronicles. The targets are plentiful and the game likes to use all 360 degrees around the player for their spawn points, meaning it takes advantage of the ability to turn around, something that some other similar titles can’t even state. So, while John Wick Chronicles cannot be recommended at full price, it’s worth snagging when a proper sale comes around.

Review by
Feb 14, 2017

John Wick Chronicles is another VR shooter you can complete in less than an hour. After you have spent 20$!


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