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It is currently considered one of the most played MMO without fees in the world, with millions of players. Guild Wars 2 features an innovative gameplay but maintaining the foundation that made ​​it big the previous episodes. This new episode takes us 250 years into the future to a radical re -imagined Tyria.

In this new episode in the Guild Wars series , the decisions of our characters in a persistent world affect game development. It has a huge PVE map, loaded with thousands of quests , events and dozens of dungeons where to get the best possible gear for our heroes , but also its PVP and Realm vs. Realm mode, are considered the best in the moment, being tremendously fun and addictive , with gains of castles and fortresses.

There are literally endless possibilities of customization and can create unique heroes throughout Tyria. Crafting , dungeons , PVP battlegrounds , massive battles vs Kingdoms, and occasional limited hours events , make it one of the best MMO to date. Also this version comes loaded with aid to begin our adventure: A legacy armor set, a box of mithril with 18 inventory spaces and 10 enhancers experience.


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