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Carve a path of destruction through the battlefield in For Honor, a brand-new game developed by the renowned Ubisoft Montreal studio.

Enter the chaos of a raging war as a bold knight, brutal viking, or mysterious samurai, three of the greatest...

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There are two versions of For Honor, the physical version and the digital version, in cd key or account format, so pay attention to the information in each store to see which version of For Honor you´re going to buy.

For Honor is available on Torrent, Uploaded or Uptobox. Release like CPY, Reloaded, 3DM or Skidrow may be found. We advise you to use our list of trusted providers.

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XBox One
Feb 14, 2017


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For Honor!

Игра мне сразу же понравилась с момента анонса.После ЗБТ я убедился,что эта игра будет хорошо работать на моем ПК и оправдала гемплейные и атмосферные ожидания.Игра куплена.

Положительные стороны:

-Хорошая оптимизация,особенно для слабых ПК

-Три воюющих фракций(культур):Самураи,Викинги,Рыцари

-В каждой фракции есть свой персонаж с уклоном на :атаку,защиту,проворность,гибридность

-Каждый герой уникален по боевому стилю и ведению боя

-Разнообразные комбинации атак и защит

-Приятно радует возможность эффектных блоков,парирования и контратак

-Боевая система проста в освоении(клавиатура или геймпад - это не имеет значения)

-Сражайтесь в 4-х режимах:"Дуэль(1vs1)","Бойня (2vs2)","Захват территории(4vs4)","Уничтожение(4vs4)"

-Игра передает атмосферу тех времен

Отрицательные стороны:

-Дорогая игра

-Отсутствие масштабных сражений

-Нету комадных заданий

-Командные режимы включают в себя уничтожение противкиков из 5 ранудов и захват точек.Слишком банально.

-Незначительные проблемы с нахождением игроков и серверами.

Вывод:"For Honor" - это игра нового поколения.Вы не найдете более атмосферную и реализированую игру в данном жанре.В жанре файтинга на холодном оружии.



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La campaña esta excelente una gran historia que no es nada del otro mundo pero a mi me dejo con un buen sabor y se agradece por ofrecer un modo campaña a la altura. Y luego el multijugador que para mi es excelente. Es una gram innovación a lo que estamos acostumbrados y su sista de guerra de facciones es muy adictivo asi como los campeones todos muy diferentes entre si e igual de divertidos. Hay campeones para los mas "simples" y otros mucho mas "Hardcore" de dominar. Graficamente es una locura y el sistema de combate también funciona excelente. Logra introducirnos en una epoca medieval nunca vista hasta ahora. Seguimos con juegazos este año, este tampoco decepciona. Hasta la proxima!


For Honor is a in its core a multiplayer title, but one of the most refreshing games I have played in years. The fighting mechanics are the perfect example easy to learn, hard to master.

It offers a simple base mechanic, locking on an enemy and camera controls for left, right, and up attack or block, you can guard break, grab, dodge and roll and parry.

The difficulty lies in mastering the classes, each has their own buffs and abillities, the raider is an all round slow attacker, but has a lot of stuns and guard breaks abillities. The orochi can't block indefinitely but has a times block for counter abillities. So 3 factions, 4 classes allow for a lot of diversity in terms of balance, but the game handles this really well, learn your class abd you can stand against any other class.

There are 5 multiplayer modes and a story mode, story is a nice addition and all in all it works. MP is the true star of this game.

there is duel 1v1, brawl 2v2, Deathmatch 4v4 and Domion 4v4 the main course of this title.

Dominion is a moba based mode where you hold control points to score points at a 1000 points the enemy team breaks and you have to finish them off.

Then there is the faction war, select one of three factions, Vikings, Samurai and Knights. Playing modes gives you war assets an you can conquer territories for your faction this way. A round lasts 14 days and is updated every 5 hours for 6 rounds in total.

All in all For Honor is one of the most refreshing titles in years and I definitely recommend even though it has very steep learning curve.


For Honor

Good while it lasts

For Honor is primarily a competitive multiplayer focused hand to hand combat game

But does feature a 6 1/2 hr. long campaign,

IT can be played in co-op or alone and is spread across 3 chapters.. One for each faction... the knights... Vikings... and samurai... and each chapter contains 6 missions and all end in an epic boss battle…

You even play as different characters with different fighting styles throughout the chapters..

I was surprised what I got with the campaign…

The story was interesting, as it deals with the art of war…

and the gameplay manages to feel fresh throughout most of the campaign...

You never really notice that you’re doing the same thing over and over... which is going checkpoint to checkpoint and killing everything in your way for xp…

This is very much a game for the aggressive type...

No stalking your prey here

It is worth actively picking fights and searching the surrounding area and not just running to objectives because the game does have points of interests to give back story to your location.. They’re pretty well hidden though which is a shame because I loved listening to them as I fought… and it brought life to the level...

And killing enemies again gives you xp...

There’s a story level cap of 30 and as you level up you’ll unlock new perks like the ability to heal yourself or boost your damage or defense…

As well as pick up consumables throughout the level to use in combat to poison enemies, catch them on fire, heal your allies just to name a few

It doesn’t quite have a AAA campaign feel to it though…

It feels very much like an afterthought… but it still managed to put in a few surprising moments in there that I wasn’t expecting with the type of game this is...

I felt it was a great campaign... but far from amazing...

And I’m not sure if it’s the gameplays fault or the setting, but during chapter 3 as the samurai, all interest in the story disappeared… the game started to feel repetitive, the level and mission design started to feel lazy and I was ready to just hop into the competitive modes…

But I still definitely recommend playing through the campaign first..

Dealing with Ai enemies programmed specifically to act certain ways in combat will teach you all sorts of tricks for dealing with human enemies... and it takes the combat system deeper than the tutorial does putting you way ahead of the competition as at this moment only about 4% of players beat the story..

You’ll learn how to deal with annoying blockers, light attack or heavy attack spammers... as well as use combos and easily be able to handle groups of enemies…

The Actual Multiplayer is pretty great too for a while..

When the game starts you choose a faction but you can still use any and every character...

The faction is just the team you’re on fighting to take control of the map...

It does reset every month…

And there are tons of customizable options to make your characters feel like yours...

And much like the story mode you unlock feats here as well, which act like perks as you level up

There are currently 5 different competitive modes..

Dominion which is a 4v4 capture and hold game, skirmish and elimination which are 4vf4 team death match games, and finally 1v1 duel, and 2v2 brawl

unfortunately Dominion and skirmish are really the only 2 modes worth playing…

The game does an awful job at distributing teammates evenly and fairly…

But these 2 modes are where this matters the absolute least…

In Elimination, duel, and brawl...

This is where the flaws and imbalances of the game and its characters start to show…

Some characters have spammable and unlockable attacks that put you on your back or leave you defenseless…

And online players feel no shame in doing this to secure a win…

The fact that there are so many unlockable moves really ruins these modes…

especially when they can mean instadeath near a ledge in a duel…

These modes ultimately feel cheap…

There ultimately isn’t enough in For Honor to keep people playing for months…

The game is hard to pick up and unlockable spam attacks ruin player encounters..

But it’s still a great game... at least for a little while…

I give For Honor

an 8/10

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