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For Honor answers the classic question. Who would win in a fight- a Viking, a samurai, or a knight? Take part in a millennium-long war as one of the Warborn, the Chosen, or the Legion. For Honor is a third-person action game focused on melee combat in a...

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For Honor is a third person action game in wich we will live brutal melee battles.

For Honor is available on Torrent, Uploaded or Uptobox. Release like CPY, Reloaded, 3DM or Skidrow may be found. We advise you to use our list of trusted providers.

For Honor blends perfectly multiplayer action and strategy in a battlefields dominated by warriors from different cultures, which for the first time they will compete in various game modes.

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Feb 13, 2017


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La campaña esta excelente una gran historia que no es nada del otro mundo pero a mi me dejo con un buen sabor y se agradece por ofrecer un modo campaña a la altura. Y luego el multijugador que para mi es excelente. Es una gram innovación a lo que estamos acostumbrados y su sista de guerra de facciones es muy adictivo asi como los campeones todos muy diferentes entre si e igual de divertidos. Hay campeones para los mas "simples" y otros mucho mas "Hardcore" de dominar. Graficamente es una locura y el sistema de combate también funciona excelente. Logra introducirnos en una epoca medieval nunca vista hasta ahora. Seguimos con juegazos este año, este tampoco decepciona. Hasta la proxima!


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I love action games where you don't go hacking and slashing and just plainly destroying everything where you go. I like challenges. For Honor does this: a challenge where precision, skill, style, and battle tactics combine in the way of the warior in order to outsmart your oponents. If you are a fan of realism in movement and animation, you will be pleased that they get this right; the moveset of the characters is based on actual martial arts.

Mix in a cauldron an action game, historical accuracy with Souls-like engine and fighting mechanics, you get FH.

Being a dedicated Souls fan helped me in order to understand the battle mechanics, where accuracy and timing are law. It is not a game for everyone, since For Honor demands dedication in a kind of game that enhaces duels, imagination, patience...

It lacks for competitive scene because of the connectivity issues. Ubisoft decided to use P2P instead of dedicated servers. This is a major issue to be fixed.

I reccomend this game a LOT for both casual and hardcore gamers, since you will be part of the fun.

Graphics - very good

Sense of progression - good

Customization - very good, not amazing

Music - I prefer to put my own background music

Voice acting - very good (I expected a lot less quality in the voice acting)

Replayability - MP (infinite); Solo (moderate, depending if you want all the collectibles)

Campaing - good, interesting. Lacks "tactic" diversity like a meta-game where you can give orders to troops.

Controls - very good for a fighting/realistic game (don't expect Street Fighter flashy moves)

Maps - I like them, but they still need some work in the level design.

MP experience - WHY P2P??? My biggest complain!!! This game needs dedicated servers.

8.7/10 but I give it a 10 because some **** are just givin unfair scores.


This game is amazing, the graphics, the animations, the gameplay, all of it. You need a high level of skill for master the champion and the battles are just so beatiful.


If not for this games AWFUL netowrk/P2P issues, I would give this amazing game 10/10 without a second thought, and white knight nerd rage at all these people giving it negative reviews. However, that is a significant aspect of the game, so I have to dock it points as well. You guys, have GOT to start providing servers for AAA titles.... was saving that money by cheaping out on dedicated servers really worth all these negative reviews UBISOFT??? Apart from those issues though, This is proving to be an original, innovative take on melee combat, and I am a big supporter.

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