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February 13, 2017
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For Honor Details

For Honor answers the classic question. Who would win in a fight- a Viking, a samurai, or a knight? Take part in a millennium-long war as one of the Warborn, the Chosen, or the Legion. For Honor is a third-person action game focused on melee combat in a fantastical land where the three types of warrior can actually interact.

Dynamic gameplay The combat system in For Honor is built around simple controls to let you fight your enemies, not the controls. Pick one of three guard forms, which decide on both the direction of your attacks, fast and strong, and which enemy attacks you will be able to block. Add special maneuvers like tackles and throws into the mix to spice things up and diversify your approach.

For Honor has an easy to learn-hard to master control scheme, perfect for thrilling duels and unexpected reversals of fortune. Full singleplayer campaign For Honor features a gripping singleplayer campaign set in a fantastical world ravaged long ago by a mysterious cataclysm which spurred the three factions into warfare. Learn about the Blackstone Legion led by mysterious Apollyon, who aims to reignite the war for her own reasons.

The singleplayer campaign of For Honor is as vital as the multiplayer mode, and adds context to the For Honor game experience. For Honor multiplayer Enter the multiplayer and become one of the powerful warriors spearheading the assaults so the grunts can come in their wake. In Dominion you will team up with three more players against the enemy team in an attempt to capture and control important points on the map.

Elimination is a hunt for other players with no free respawn. You are either revived by a teammate or not at all. Which team will be the last one standing? The Duel is the essential "versus" mode of For Honor, fully embracing the game systems for a thrilling and deadly one on one combat, the way it's intended to be.

Discover other modes on your own as they are released! Extensive customization There is no fun in being a carbon copy of other warriors of your class. For Honor knows it as well, which is why it has a solid customization system, letting you create exactly the kind of warrior you want to play. Already impressive from the very beginning and further improved with loot and rewards the more you play, it allows you to change and tweak every part of you warrior's attire.

Even the weapons can be customized with new parts and even new materials. Create a warrior perfect for you in every way!.

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PC PowerPlay
Mar 31, 2017

Amazing rich gameplay that is sadly let down by an overly complex UI and hidden barely there tutorials. Sure to be a long term hit. [Issue#260, p.60]

Mar 6, 2017

While the game’s fairly high skill ceiling and emphasis on micro-transactions might be off-putting to some players, For Honor is an experience that’s truly fit for those that are warriors at heart.

Feb 23, 2017

Full of useless design to make the controlling system complicated, Even that, it still represents limited combat tactics. Thats not how an action or fighting game works men.

Lack of unity controlling principle. Since you guys making a multiple heroes game, dont you even thought about that?

There are only 12 heroes for now.

If people can not figure out how to fight without read the sheet and watched the video of his current opponent. How about 20 heroes? 50 heroes? more than 100?

Is it an action game or a memorization game?

Feb 21, 2017

For Honor’s peer-to-peer networking woes do it great injustice, for it is, in its core, a truly unique game that provides us with a competitive multiplayer experience no other game can claim to offer.

Feb 21, 2017

Whether you prefer, multiplayer or story, Dominion or Duel, viking or knight or samurai, there’s something for every gamer in For Honor. With a compelling story, beautiful customization options, competition, community, this game is both a triumph and a damn good fight.unity, and a damn good fight.

Feb 20, 2017

Ubisoft have done a great job with For Honor. This version runs smoothly with the most common graphic cards, offering a really fine experience to all the players.

Feb 17, 2017

For Honor's tactical, forceful swordplay is extremely well-executed, especially for a first attempt. It's just a shame it's attached to so many distractions, including a bewildering story mode.

Feb 17, 2017

Game is really good. It gives intense feel of battle, adrenaline waves and rewards u well for winning, Yes, some have problems with connection, but i dont, Everything works perfect for me. So if u up for battle thrill - dont miss this game. And dont listen poor kids,

Feb 17, 2017

For Honor will inevitably be a favorite title. It combines easy to pick up, complicated to master fighting and action-style gameplay with compelling gameplay types and there's nothing quite like it. However, if you were looking for a single-player game, you might not want to purchase this title. The heart and soul of For Honor are its multiplayer modes, and unfortunately, at this time, there are enough issues with matchmaking and peer-to-peer connections that you may want to wait until Ubisoft has some time to fix those problems. However, once For Honor has a solid networking backbone I can say it'll be one of my go to multiplayer titles for the next few years to come.

Feb 16, 2017

Great game so far! Well, the story mode is ok, but the actual premise of the story is quite dumb. Great online so far, I haven't had any network issues that people have been complaining about.

Feb 13, 2017

This game is amazing, the graphics, the animations, the gameplay, all of it. You need a high level of skill for master the champion and the battles are just so beatiful.

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