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Experience the latest in a long line of FIFA football games, showcasing the pedigree of EA games stretching back more than twenty years. Dominate as your favourite fully-updated players thanks to the FIFA 2017 official license, build your dream...

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This product is a cd key of FIFA 17 to download directly to your computer from official download platforms, adding into your user account, in this case Origin, the digital code of FIFA 17 that you´ll receive by email after purchase it.

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Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit)
Sep 27, 2016
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This Fifa is very good. A lot of players, licences. Graphic is super. Carreer mode is the best ever. I don't understand the low score. Only on pc the users are so with FIFA 17.


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Well, it is still a very good and entertaining game, however there are many shortcomings like:

- The new mode is horribly scripted. It doesn't matter whether I shoot 5 goals in 10 minutes of play, I still get sent down to a lower league because script says so. It matters more how I perform on training than the fact that I shoot 5 goals in every match. That's not realistic at all.

- The changes over last fifa are really minor (it's a step in good direction though)

- There is an annoying bug that didn't happen ever before - regarding own goals. My players shoot goals and AI says this was my opponent's own goal while the ball was nowhere near them. This happens rarely but still it never happened before.


This was a day one purchase for me, I still don't know why I jump straight in when it comes to FIFA games but it's been a trend for me over the years. 17 certainly looks nice with the frostbite engine, visually it's great, stadium and player details are quite amazing. The gameplay had an overhaul and I am still adapting to that but so far so good, audio is fine, no big diffferences there from previous FIFA offerings, perhaps a few bits of dialogue added, nothing to write home about really.

I was pumped to try the journey so lept straight into that. SPOILER ALERT: I was very dismayed to find that the Journey pretty much ends slap bang right at the end of the first season, it's far too short and more often than not felt very devoid of personality. The press conferences Alex Hunter gives are so horribly voice acted that I cringe every time he chuckles to himself after a response to the interviewer, you watch a Premier League post match program and no player talks like that. So the Journey was pretty much a let down but what about the other career modes? Nothing new to report really, the same old, player or manager career with a few little extra objectives and features thrown in but nothing that makes it more immersive.

So now that I have covered the Journey and the other single players modes I would normally look at the multiplayer aspect of the game. In truth I haven't, I have no interest in wasting my time with Ultimate Team and I haven't played Fifa competitively for years based on the fact that more ofthen than not you will end up playing some 14 year old chav hardman wannabe talking like some gangster rapper telling you how much they lust after your mother, throw insults when losing or rage quit as soon as they start taking a kicking, not for me, its infuriating when I take my thrashings like a gentleman and don't back out yet so many others will back out as soon as they lose an early goal. There is probably nothing at all wrong with multiplayer, it's probably very good but I just don't have the interest in playing it competitively so my review is based on the game minus the multiplayer and FUT aspect.

Overall I think it's the best looking Fifa title, I think it's refreshing to finally see EA release a Fifa that doesn't feel like last years game with a reskin of latest players and teams. Although I acknowledge they have made an effort with the engine both graphically and functionally I do feel that corners have been cut. I began a season with man City and as usual with fifa games I go into match to see the player faces up close, I wasn't impressed one bit. The face scans are exactly the same as the last incarnations. Kolarov looks like he's back in his early 20's, Zabaleta too, no new scans of any kind apart from Kelechi Iheanacho. Nolito and Leroy Sane don't have scans and look absolutely nothing like their real life counterparts. It's not just City, most teams will have the same. When EA invest so much into realism with licenses etc I'd expect a little more in return than the face scans of the previous 2-3 titles, it's lazy. What makes it worse is that as of now there seems to be no way of modding it and modders are finding the frostbite engine is not mod friendly at all.

All in all, I find this FIFA to be the same old which is weird considering the host of changes this title has. I just don't think £40 a year on footy games is equitable. This Fifa may just have done enough to deserve it but next year it will be a simple reskin and UI update which should not be classed as a full game in my opinion. I'm just quite underwhelmed by how the host of changes have never really made this any more enjoyable than any other outing of the series, above average in my opinion but only just.


The game itself is great. FIFA 17 being my first FIFA since FIFA 13, and my first one on PC, I was thoroughly surprised with how much the game has changed and how much the graphics have improved. Gameplay mechanics certainly play out much differently than I remember, but overall, I enjoy the fresh start.

So why is my score so low? One reason only: the game crashes consistently for no reason whatsoever, without warning. I've lost count of how many times I've done so well in an online match, only for the application to sporadically close itself without indication or reasoning for doing so. This alone is so frustrating that the game in which I would have otherwise enjoyed, has since become one of the worst video games I've ever played.

I've tried playing on both minimal and maximum settings, but the game still crashes without regard for my computer's specs. My computer is running much higher than the game's recommended settings, but even so, I've run into countless issues.

Had this game been priced more appropriately for its unfinished nature, perhaps I would have reviewed it with a higher score, but until the endless bugs and issues are fixed, this game is not nearly worth its AAA price tag (59.99 USD).

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