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EA SPORTS UFC 2 is the complete fighting experience you have been waiting for. With a bigger roster of fighters, to stunning character visuals and a revolutionary new Knockout Physics System, finishing the fight has never been more real and satisfying....

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The game offers a unique experience for all fans of fighting games and different from previous UFC.

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This new release comes loaded with new features.

It includes five new game modes, a career mode, which also introduces the option of creating womens, and a new continuous system for online leagues.

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Mar 15, 2016


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this game is fantastic.. gameplay is great.. graphic is best looking ever i seen. fighter model, their animations and their likeness look realistic. commentary is great.. Knockout Mode is fun mode to play. AI cpu is smarter. Great job by EA Canada. i expect EA devs do better on UFC 3 in 2018 when it come out : improve gameplay, Revamp Career Mode


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Huge leap from the first one. The graphics are wicked! and Knockout mode... oooohhh damn that knockout mode, absolutely amazing, so much fun! and getting to fight with Mike Tyson! so good! The new ground/clinch controls are much better this time around as well, and the addition of Ultimate Team is really fun... Definitely the Best MMA Game EVER! Nice one EA!


Four problems with this game:

1. Career mode needs more depth

2. Ultimate needs to be either revamped or replaced with other fun game modes

3. The Reebok sponsorship with UFC ruins customizations of fighters attire (not EA's fault actually, they have to follow the contract between Reebok and UFC)

4. The challenges of prominent fighters in career mode are ruthless. How is it fair that an up and coming prospect goes against for instant Donald Cerrone eight fights into there career (In career mode my fighter who is a 75 received a challenge from cowboy who is a 94).

Get these problems fixed and then its a nine.

Other than that this game is fun and I believe a step up from UFC 1. The gameplay is nice and you do have to use strategy in fights if you play with adaptive A.I. as the fights do become difficult.


This game is way more better than the first one by a long shot. A lot of things have improved like the ground game and clinch. When you first start out the game and you land that first knockdown, you feel amazing, knowing that you pulled out a sick kick (or whatever move) to the head that caused a knockdown.

But that excitement slowly fades away as you continue to play and soon there's nothing to do. Also, there are characters in the game that are locked, Bruce Lee, Mike Tyson, and more, now you can spend money if you feel like it. But you can literally unlock them for free by beating career mode. Don't give EA free money.

Overall, the game is fun for a week or two, then the game just becomes bland.

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