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Dead Rising 4 marks the return of photojournalist Frank West in an all-new chapter of one of the most popular zombie game franchises of all time. All of the classic hallmarks of the ground breaking series return, including a huge array of weapons and vehicles...

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On December 6, we will be able to enjoy Dead Rising 4, the fourth installment of one of the most famous and spectacular killer zombies of recent times.

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In principle, it will be release exclusively for the Microsoft Store and after 90 days it will be available on Steam.

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Windows 7 64-bit
Dec 6, 2016
50 GB

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Everyone complaining is doing it because A.) It's sold on the Windows Store for the first year, B.) Their computer can't run it, or C.) It's not in **** VR or it doesn't make them fly in real life like they hoped the 4th install would do by now or some unrealistic **** like that.

The GAME, which is what we're supposed to be reviewing here, is great. It's everything you love about Dead Rising, but smoother, and more of it. I've played since the first Dead Rising, and I love them. Especially part 2. They're just... fun. Zombie killing fun. This one is great, as well. It's also one of the better ones. It's worth the purchase, IMO.


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After loving the first two games and absolutely hating the third, this one is a pleasant surprise. Going into it I wasn't expecting much, so that may have made it a better experience.

Overall, the timer is gone which is going to bother a lot of people. Personally, I'm conflicted as I thoroughly enjoyed it in the first game but at the same time wished there was a mode without the timer that would give me plenty of time to do a perfect run. Putting it behind a DLC paywall is what they opted with which is dumb, but it's still there if you really want it.

The game overall runs well on PC and looks great compared to past Dead Rising's. Texture clipping is still an issue in cutscenes but that's been an issue for as long as I can remember. Lot's more zombies on screen and varied environment from town streets, sewers, and a mall.


* Story is prob the best of the series besides DR1. And it ties in well enough with DR1 to make it interesting and engaging through the first playthrough.

* Weapon variability is as good as it's ever been. Lot's of combo weapons and funny items to use throughout the world.

* Exo Suit. Pretty cool when you get to use them.

* Special Zombies - Won't go into spoilers but there's more than just the standard zombies that were present in past games.

* Fun - Game is just fun to play in my experience. Not game of the year by any stretch but still a fun game to sit down and play.


* Psychopaths have been replaced with Maniacs. Not a huge issue since Pyschopaths have been forgettable since the first game, and Maniacs are pretty close. Simply put they are groups of crazies vs just a single pyschopath. Pyschopaths were a favorite aspect of DR1 so it's sad to see them really go, but tolerable.

* Game is too easy. Very rarely do I feel like I'm even close to dieing. They can change this easily in a patch or two after getting feedback for now there is very little challenge. Very different from the first DR.


* Zombies all look the same. They are all seemingly wearing the same outfits/colors so it just looks like a copy/paste job.

* Some people may be bothered by the Christmas Theme. May be a bit off playing this during the Summer

* Aiming is atrocious with a controller. Tried it out and it's just as bad as ever, feels like the aiming moves in chucks of 50-100 pixels so lining up headshots is hard.

* No Multiplayer. Essentially just a single player only game with a multiplayer mode that is really just a min-game. I hardly played with friends but this will turn some people of the series off.

* Kinda short. If you are only doing the missions you'll blow through this in under 10 hours. I recommend taking your time saving survivors and killing maniacs unlike I did, perhaps because I was so used to the timers in DR. Still have New Game + so you can always go back but just realize there is no rush to the end.

Also worth noting they changed the voice actor for Frank, but I honestly don't mind the change. No idea why people are freaking out, the voice actor fits the character quite well. Lot's of long time fans of the series are stuck in the past and don't realize they need to expand the fan base to keep the series alive, which means changing the formula a bit here and there to reach a wider audience. All things considered, this is a really good game. Would rate it an 8 but rating it a 9 for now since fanboy's are unfairly rating the game lower than it should be.


If this is your first Dead Rising game then you'll still have a fun time discovering all the vast amount of different weapons, costumes, and collectibles, but for long time fans of the series like myself this is definitely too much of a a shallow and disappointing entry to the series.

Frank may be back, but Dead Rising certainly isn't.


Okay, DR4 is basically DR3 with some areas improved like performance and the ease of creating weapons, but it is also alot worse in some other areas.

So the cons... Maniacs, are now nothing more than boring normal enemies with more health. None of the maniacs are even remotely rememberable.

Vehicles are very uninspired and alot worse than in DR3. More often than not you don't even bother to make them and just grab any random car at hand.

Ai, sure they are zombies but it is blatanty obvious that everything is lifeless until you get with a certain radius and human enemies barely have any intelligence above the zombies.

But worst of all this game lacks any and all challenge. I did not die a single time during my playthrough. I wasn't even close to dying and I never leveled up my healthbar.

There is no timelimit or anything to warrant a sense of accomplishment. And the actual gameplay consists mainly of pressing "X" repetedly. Without anything else to challange you, this repetetive gameplay turns bland really fast.

During all my years in gaming I can't remember any game that is as much a cakewalk like this game.

Pros... there isn't much imo, the performance is way better than DR3 both on PC and Xbox one. Obviously out of the two PC is the version to go for if given a choice.

I also like that they have skipped escort missions. That would actually add some challenge but seeing how the game is as clunky as DR3 it wouldn't be a fun challenge.

There are plenty of weapons and they are more easily created, with some fun christmas themed stuff.

The story is probably the best of the DR games but it really isn't all that special. It's "Okay".

At the end of the day, if you liked DR3 you will probably like this game aswell, but even then I think you will still find it "a letdown".

For me, it's a mediocre game at best.

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