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Infinity Ward returns to the helm in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Set in the distant future when humanity has become a space-faring species, capable on interplanetary travel and creating reliable AI.
Infinite Warfare is the next step in the...

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Windows 7 64Bit
Nov 4, 2016
70 GB

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I was playing single player on PC. The game is just amazing and highly enjoyable. I cannot remember me, last time I was playing something awesome like this. It was maybe Wolfenstein - The New Order and Mass Effect before. You cannot play multiplayer guys, but the company is just f*cking amazing! Like Sci-Fi Movie and even better!


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i loved CoD before Advanced Warfare and BO3 because this games hot have normal gameplay and YUCK shooting+ the main character moved both waist-deep in water. But now...Music, atmosphere, SOUND and visual style+story. Hollywood, bit this is good hollywood. 10/10


First I will say that I did not enjoy Black Ops 3, campaing story was retarded, had nothing to do with previous 2 titles and multiplayer was OK, but when they added retarded gestures and stuff I started to hate it slowly (and Purifier was total cancer, worst decision ever).

Anyway, back to Infinite Warfare: Campaing story was totally awesome, I really enjoyed any second playing it, I am not going to spoil anything here but I tell you, if you have weak personality, tears could come out. In some missions you get boost pack (our hated wallrunning and double jump), but maps are so well made that it does not force you to use it. There are some moments where you have to double jump or wallrun, but they are not in middle of shooting, they appear only when you are running or just going through level. About multiplayers: kinda reminds me of Black Ops 3 in some way, but it is NOT like Black Ops 3. Its some kind of mixture between BO3, Ghosts and MW series. Maps are well made, and in most situations (I am not saying ALL) you don't even have to double jump, and like 7 or 8 out of 10 of my gunfights are on ground (including both me and enemy). You might or might not like it, but for example I did not like BO3 and Ghosts MP, I loved MW series MP and for some reason I really like IW MP even when I hated Ghosts and BO3. Like some people say: 100 people, 100 tastes. Do not throw it away before you tried it, you cant really say anything about it when you watch YouTube videos (which are like 99% from console versions, and everyone knows PCMR is PCMR), because console players tend to use a lot more wallrunning and double jumping for some reason.

I did not play Zombies yet, so I cannot talk about it.


The online multiplayer this time was not a fun experience at all, I've never been spawnkilled as much as in this game. The only good thing about call of duty this year is it's campaign, and the zombie mode has a lot to offer to §if you are able to start a game because people constantly join and leave for some reason) . but for the main attraction of this game .. you should best look elsewhere.

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