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EA DICE returns with the latest iteration of their long-running Battlefield series, and the first game of the core series since 2013's BF 4.
Battlefield 1 takes the players to the hectic battlefields of the First World War, from scorching,...

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Battlefield 1 is the next installment of DICE's military shooter and this time, unlike the rest of the Battlefield series, will take us to the First World War, a conflict unexploited in videogames, unlike World War II.

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64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
Oct 21, 2016
50 GB

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+++ Game looks stunning even on medium settings+AA ( I am [email protected] on R9 280x)

+++ Really refreshing setting and thus weapons

+++ Great new Operations mode

+++ Rush mode plays a lot better than BF4

+++ The netcode is significantly better than BF3 and BF4


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Best game ever ! Best game ever !Best game ever !Best game ever !Best game ever !Best game ever !Best game ever !Best game ever !Best game ever !Best game ever !


Very polished and very entertaining! This is the best Battlefield game yet. I liked previous BF games but this is better then ever. Running on high settings with GTX970, game looks amazing!


-- The game that got me back into Battlefield. --

After playing BF3 and being disappointed, and strongly disliking 4, I decided to give BF1 a try because of its WW1 setting. Back to basic for BF? Yes. Very much so.

Decidely less focus on the progression/unlocks, the game has not completely focused itself on varied and fun gameplay. WW1 weapons are far less powerful, and you have fewer ways to destroy your enemies. (Mortars don't have as much splash. No jets with missiles. No helicopters. Only tanks are invulnerable to bullets. Etc). As an infantryman, you are now just as important as a vehicle.

The slick graphics, great setting (they really did a good job on the gritty WW1 theme), and fantastic multiplayer with the awesome Operations mode (attacks VS defenders, 2-3 flags, conquer small territories one by one). This is the Battlefield I wanted.

A Battlefield game where I, even on foot, am important and dangerous.

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