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31 Jan. 2017
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BATTLECREW Space Pirates Details

BATTLECREW Space Pirates is a competitive multiplayer shooter set in a packed and evolving universe. You play as the coolest and most charismatic pirates in the galaxy! Each character has unique attack, defense, and movement attributes: it's up to you to find the one that suits you best!Lead your team into intense and epic battles! Take on enemy teams that are just as classy and bloodthirsty as yours! Steal as much of their gold as you can, turn them into space dust, and become the most feared and respected pirate in the four corners of the galaxy!Between battles, dock at Tortuga, a space station that has become the lair and meeting-place of the worst buccaneers in the Milky Way! Find new team members or invite your friends to play, check the online scores, and take part in the ongoing community challenges… BATTLECREW is more than just a shoot 'em up - it's alive! Players can unlock environments, taunts and game modes by winning regularly-updated community challenges!Lift off and join in on the wildest galactic adventure for light years around!.

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