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The money from and the reactions of the visitors will help you enhance your park and make it even more attractive.

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There are no limits set to your imagination! Attract visitors to your theme park with different fancy and thrilling attractions.

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The money from and the reactions of the visitors will help you enhance your park and make it even more attractive.

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Nov 8, 2013


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Most people hate this game cause of the simularity of roler coaster tycoon 3, but people wont seem to understand that it dosen't matter if a game is simular to another, and if they disagree, they are disagreing with all of the call of duty's, all of the cube based game, all of the pixel games, all of the platformer etc. Althrough i though that the game was pretty nice after all, it has some potential and good graphics. The game is generaly mindless fun. People wont seem to understand that the game has potential so that is why i rate this game a 10/10! Sure it might be a copy like of rolercoaster tycoon 3, but still show potential!


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Adventure Park presents itself as a cartoonish yet surprisingly polished theme park game.

The tutorial is easy to follow most of the time, yet lacking any voice over to assist you with what comes next.

Once into the game I tried a Free Mode.

The Park was only small, maybe 4-5 rides squashed together and a few amenities for the visitors.

Anyone who played Roller Coaster Tycoon will see a very similar approach to many of the buildings and objects.

However, Adventure Park, presents you with awesome looking rides, great animations and superb scenery that's already present, but you can add to if you wish.

The one thing lacking in this game is sound for the visitors.

I turned the music off and heard very little from the park itself, which disappointing me.

As i used to always enjoy the sounds and screams of my visitors even back to the Theme Park Worlds from the PlayStation One.

All in all, the game is easy to learn, provides a similar approach to the Theme Park genre like so many others, but doesn't quite nail it with the sounds.

Implement Theme Park sounds into this game and you will be on your way to a great game.


Adventure Park is certainly not the most polished of games possibly not even an entirely complete game but it is fun for a couple of hours.

You'll find nothing here you haven't seen before, and that's almost not a problem as the cartoonish graphics are bright and colourful and suit the tone of the game. Cranking up the detail all the way isn't going to blow anyone's mind but it is pretty and shouldn't be cause for too much complaint.

The sounds leaves a lot to be desired: I don't think I remember any sound effects, no ride noises, no laughing/screaming passengers and the music becomes repetitive. It feels more like it belongs in an arcade shooter than a theme park game.

And then there's the game-play... There's really not a lot too it. This is why you'll probably not play for more than an hour or two. Place rides, engineers, gardeners and vending machines and tweak prices until you start making a profit.

There's nothing inspired or exciting about it. You can't build an awesome roller coaster and gloat over the torment of your customers because the roller coasters seem to travel at a single set speed and don't cause much in the way of reaction.

Adventure Park is a game about park management rather than park enjoyment.


Adventure Park got me a bit hyped because i loved similar games like roller coaster tycoon.While it wasn't the same developer it got me hyped.But the game wasn't really good for a lot of reasons.

So first the game is running on about 30 fps on high settings,sometimes it goes even lower!

The game doesn't even look that good.

And there isn't a lot of content either. about 5 or something coasters which are customizable but barely.

Not really impressed by that,Adventure Park.

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